The Shaheed Benazirabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SBCCI) established in July 2016. Being an apex body of business community and industrialist of this area, the SBCCI is performed positive role since its beginning. The main objective of this impressive organization is to motivate the trade, business and industrial activities in its area and in the nearby tribal belt.


The SBCCI provides business database essential to the development of commercial and business activities and acts very important association to communication between the local business community and the government. We have around 750 members representing small, medium and large industrial and business concerns. In accordance with the Trade Organization Rules 2013, a Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organized to represent trade, industry and services in a specific area


It is a non-profitable Organization of Traders & Businessmen more like a Joint Forum for the protection of common interests and goals. The Chamber of Commerce & Industry works as a bridge between public sector & private sector individual. It also serves as an advisory, regulatory, consultative and supportive body for the government and business organization. In terms of Trade Organization Rules, 2013, the Director General Trade Organizations (DGTO) under the support of Ministry of Commerce issues the necessary License to a newly formed Chamber under the powers conferred through Trade Organizations Ordinance 2013. A Chamber of Commerce needs also to be registered under the Companies Act 2017 with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and affiliation with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI)


The main objective of The Shaheed Benazirabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SBCCI) is to promote and protect the trade, commerce and industry in its area of jurisdiction, in particular, and Pakistan


To Provide Leadership to promote economic growth, professional development and create awareness through the self – determination of our members for the betterment of citizens of Shaheed Benazirabad


The Shaheed Benazirabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SBCCI) has framed various committees to help out and resolved the issues faced by the business community with different departments and These Committees besides keeping the members well informed of the deliberations of the Committee and the activities of the SBCCI are meant to identify the current difficulties on their related subjects and impacts of national and international proceedings on it.


Each Committee consists of maximum 3 to 5 members including the Convener, who is a member of the Executive Committee and an expert of the related field. The members communicate the deliberations of their meetings to the Executive Committee and after approval take up their cases with the concerned authorities with a sound and strong backing.


The Shaheed Benazirabad is an administrative division of the Sindh Province of Pakistan. The City Nawabshah is a divisional Headquarter of Shaheed Benazirabad Division and center of Sindh provision of Pakistan by road it is Four (4) hour’s drive from the country’s largest city and commercial capital Karachi on the national highway N-5, about 35 kilometers. The city is famous for production of Sugarcane, Mangos, Banana, Cotton & Guave.


Also having facility of transportation 24 hours, airport, railway, four 4 Universities, many Colleges, many Government & Private Schools, many Hospitals, banks and large numbers of Business Community and land lords in this city.